Seychelles Leading the Way to Travel Recovery

Seychelles Leading the Way to Travel Recovery

Seychelles Leading the Way to Travel Recovery

Keeping the tropical islands of Seychelles in the limelight, Seychelles Tourism Board (STB) Chief Executive Mrs. Sherin Francis spoke to the renowned hospitality keynote speaker, Marketing and Communication Expert Ms. Dolores Semeraro, about the destination’s stand for safe tourism.

In her interview on Thursday, September 17, 2020, which will be available in October 2020, Mrs. Sherin Francis again talks about the importance of safety in the tourism industry and its part in the restoration of travel confidence.

Mrs. Francis pointed out that the crucial measures put in place by the government in collaboration with the local travel trade did not only provide confidence to visitors, but it also builds the trust of locals’ in restarting the industry.

Since the destination’s international airport reopened to visitors in June 2020, Mrs. Francis has participated in numerous conferences and interviews to highlight how Seychelles is leading the way to travel recovery through the implementation of measures and procedures to ensure the safety of travelers and its local population.

During her interview with Ms. Semeraro, Mrs. Francis emphasized exactly that while explaining in detail why implementing safety measures are essential to restoring confidence in travelers, which is a crucial step towards travel recovery and relaunching tourism.

Additionally, the Chief Executive mentioned the active work of the tourism board and its offices worldwide to remain in close communication with partners and potential visitors.

She highlighted the various marketing strategies the STB has been deploying and expressed the importance of keeping in touch with the destination’s potential market through digital means namely talking about the success of the online marketing campaign “Dream Now, Experience Seychelles Later” undertaken by the STB in April 2020 while many countries were in physical lockdown and restriction of movement.

In her closing statement to Ms. Semeraro, the STB Chief Executive mentioned that the destination is ready to welcome back visitors.

The interview is part of a series called “Restore Travel Confidence,” featuring industry leaders from Indian Ocean destinations such as Maldives, Mauritius, and Sri Lanka, which will be published on Ms. Semeraro’s website and featured in her upcoming podcast “truthbehindtravelpodcast.”

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